The Drive-Thru

Now Open

Marshall’s quality, on the go

Following the opening of our fireside bothy in 2020, government restrictions at the time meant we had to close our restaurant side of the business. Thinking ‘outside the box’, we transformed that outside eating space into a drive-thru BBQ facility. At the time this was quite a unique offering other than the huge chain franchises nearby, but the public seemed to enjoy the experience and the support from locals was incredible. This was where the idea was hatched and from then, the starting point was to make this a permanent addition, so we included what was required for it in the new expansion. Windows were included in the kitchen and space was allocated behind the building to create a road. We always knew it was a further challenge for us and one we’d get to ‘in time’ so made sense to factor it into the build, and here we are. We’ve had over a year of getting the restaurant to where it is and feel the time is now right.

This is a huge gap in the market, and we believe it is the first of its kind in the north of Scotland, and such an exciting opportunity, we know there is nothing quite like us out there. Other companies offering this sort of facility seem to do extremely well, with more and more popping up all over, but we believe none of these provide the same fresh, high-quality food that we can and will. All our steak burgers and sausages are made on-site in our butchery, all scotch-assured meat, with a far superior quality to taste. Regarding the competition out there, we truly believe the finished product will sell itself and with the ever-increasing demand for convenience, we hope we won’t have to substitute quality for speed. This is a new challenge for us to get stuck into, but bare with us while we master a process!

Drivers will be able to grab a bite to eat on the go, with an estimated three-minute turnaround for food and drink items.

Opening times

Opening times for drive-thru are Monday-Saturday: 7am – 4pm and Sunday: 9am-4pm